Science Party

Our fully hosted children’s Science Party pack is a brilliant option for a party with a twist (plus a fizz, pop, bubble, crack and more!). Kids are fascinated by science magic and with this pack we teach them some amazing little tricks!

Our Service Promise

We'll send out a captivating and engaging Crazy Scientist Character, who will do a number of experiments with the kids!

And if you have more than 18 little scientists attending, we'll send out 2! This ensures all the kids are fully engaged and gets their time with their scientist mentor.

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  • Super fun crazy scientist party host

  • Lab-coats and goggles for all of the kids to dress up – these create magic photos!

  • Your choice of science experiments/activities

  • Balloon Twisting

Where to host this party

Almost anywhere is ok for this party:

  • At home

  • A hired hall

  • Local park

Choice of Activity

  • Oobleck Slime

  • Glitter Slime

  • Exploding volcano

  • Instant snow

  • Lava lamp

  • Giant’s toothpaste

  • Pop Rocket (outdoors)

  • Exploding sandwich bag (outdoors)

Let's Discuss Your Party Needs

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Science Parties Price:
From $250


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Science Party photos from our amazing customers

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