Cooking Party

Kids love to cook and are very capable of creating some wonderful food! A kids cooking party will give your children the opportunity to learn and enjoy themselves in the kitchen, in a fully supervised environment. Birthday treats will taste so much better knowing they have made it themselves!

Our Service Promise

One of our fun and friendly Chefs will come to your venue, and bring everything needed to whip up some delicious savoury and sweet dishes! 

They'll bring utensils, ingredients and chef attire for up to 12 kids. If you want to invite more than 12 kids we'll have more Chefs come along to make sure all kids can get involved and engaged.

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  • A super fun party host to run the party

  • Chefs hats and aprons - brilliant for photos!

  • 3 recipes of your choice for the kids to make - savoury, sweet and a drink (see example pick-list below)

  • Party games - need to make sure it’s fun!

Age Groups

Cooking Parties are great for kids aged 7 to 12, but for the younger little chefs, we also have a 'Junior Cooking Party' perfect for kids ages 4 to 6.

Good To Know

The cooking party usually runs for 2 hours and all we need is table space, access to hot water and access to an oven or cooktop!

Yummy Dishes To Pick From


Rocky Road
Cupcakes (baked item)
Gingerbread Men (baked item)
Oreo or Cookie Dough Truffles
Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies (baked item)
Fruit Sticks... with a drizzle of chocolate


Mini Pizzas (baked item)
Quiches (baked item)
Sunken Submarines (baked item)


Green Alien (great for the young ones)
BananaBerry Burst
Chocolate Mocktail
Raspberry Fizz Mocktail
Oreo Shake

- All come with umbrellas and special decorations

Let's Discuss Your Party Needs

Get in touch with Amazing today to plan your perfect Cooking Party. Request a booking, or to speak with an Amazing Concierge, call or inquire online. 

Cooking Parties Price:
From $350

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